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SPECIAL NOTE TO READERS – The Breakers Island website will close December 31, 2021. It has been a pleasure sharing stories and activities with you and your family over the years. We wish you many more great adventures in learning, magical moments, and wonderful memories.

Anita and Trish - Young LearnersDiscover the joys of getting lost in a story and sharing the magical moments in creating lasting impressions.

The stories of Breakers Island are woven with a shared wisdom, as strong as the bond between child and parent. The messages encourage, embolden, and sustain the future. Adventures await in thirty short stories designed to engage young learners, struggling readers, and their families. Come explore a special place with a delightful cast of storybook characters.

Magical stories will engage your imagination and provide a shared learning experience. Correlated activities will guide you and your learner in the discovery and discussion of virtues and values in support of positive social/emotional growth. The story content is ideally suited for young learners, pre-school through 3rd grade.

We hope you enjoy your time on Breakers Island and visit often.

Enjoy your adventures in learning…  Anita & Trish

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Please let us welcome you and encourage you to start by watching our Welcome Center Video (above) and then reading our first story (Free), “Welcome to Breakers Island” and trying our related Activities, Coloring Pages, Word Puzzles, and Word Treasures.

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Enjoy our featured December 2021 Story:
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More about Breakers Island

For generations, the legend of Breakers Island has been whispered on the wind. To some, it is nothing more than a figment of imagination designed to give hope to a weary world.

Most of the world would never know this special place. The small island can only be reached by water. Upon arrival, the small fishing village of Red Haven will greet you. Once there, you can explore a rich landscape of beaches, farms and fields, large meadows, beautiful woods, and great mountains.