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Acorn Magic – Acorn Magic – Img1

VIRTUES: Compassion Honesty Truth Wisdom

The seasons were beginning to change on Breakers Island. The squirrels knew they needed to collect acorns now, before the colder weather arrived. Most of the young gray squirrels liked to hunt for acorns, but not Sammy. He wanted to play but his friends were busy storing food for winter. Then, he decided to play a trick on his friends but didn’t realize his actions were being watched. Sammy was quite surprised at the outcome when the truth was revealed.

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Barn Gossip - Barn Gossip - Img1

VIRTUES: Gratitude Honesty Truth Wisdom

The animals loved their home with Farmer John. They didn’t notice when a visitor arrived to see him. Shelley was the first to know everything that happened on the farm. From her web in the attic, the little spider could hear and see almost everything. She hurried to the barn. All the animals would want to know that Farmer John was meeting with Joe, the village handyman.

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Bed of Gold - Bed of Gold - Img1

VIRTUES: Courage Gratitude Honesty Truth

One night, Mack was getting ready to leave his warm mouse nest to look for food. A full moon lit his way in the black night as he climbed up Winter Wind Mountain. He heard a strange sound coming from a cave and went to explore. He wasn’t prepared for what he found there. Mack had no idea that telling truth would be the only thing that would save him.

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Best Friends - Best Friends - Img1

VIRTUES: Concern Leadership Prudence Responsibility Resolution

The cougar brothers were best friends but not at all alike. Ben always longed for adventure, but it wasn’t in Glen’s nature. No matter what Ben wanted to do, Glen always had a reason to stay in the den and didn’t want to take risks. Their mother, a very wise cat, suggested a plan for them to try when they left the den that night to play.

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Billy the Kid - Billy the Kid - Img1

VIRTUES: Concern Friendship Love Loyalty

David Wagner raised dairy goats on a large farm near the Secret Spring Meadow. Billy, a young kid, liked to test the fences and slip out. No one could understand why the young goat wanted to run away from home. Farmer John learned the reason from the vet and suggested Billy spend time at his farm.

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Blue Ribbons - Blue Ribbons - Img1

VIRTUES: Cooperation Gratitude Honor Pride

The animals had worked very hard all year long on the farm. They were waiting to hear which farm had been selected as the best. Everyone wanted their farm to win so Farmer John could bring home the blue ribbons. Shelley, the small black spider, had been with Farmer John all day at the Fall Festival. She could see everything from her hiding place on his hat. Now she couldn’t wait to tell the animals the news.

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Dead or Alive - Dead or Alive - Img1

VIRTUES: Patience Purpose Truth Wisdom

Oliver thought Opal was a good sister, but not much fun. Oliver wanted to look for apples in Mrs. Baker’s orchard. Opal was scared for her brother and could not change his mind. The small opossum didn’t know he was being watched. The woods were so dark that he didn’t see the danger until it was too late. Fortunately, Oliver remembered a trick his mother had taught him.

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Fall Festival - Fall Festival - Img1

VIRTUES: Care Courtesy HonorLove Loyalty Pride Responsibility

The people had waited all year for this very special party. It was finally time for the Fall Festival. Daniel loved his sister, but he had to keep an eye on her. There was so much for them to do. They started the day with a wonderful parade. They enjoyed listening to a storyteller, going on a hayride, and attending a dance. At the end of the day, the Mayor said, “I hope you all had a good time. What a great day this has been. Now it’s time for the Fire Bird!”

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Fireflies - Fireflies - Img1

VIRTUES: Cooperation Determination Trust Will

Twilight was a magical time on Breakers Island. The fireflies moved slowly through the meadow. Laura, a young firefly, was making a beautiful pattern of flashes in the air when she discovered a sleeping child. She knew he was out of place in the night. Somewhere there was a bed missing a young sleeper.

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Freedom - Freedom - Img1

VIRTUES: Honor Respect Wisdom

Luna was the oldest rabbit in the warren. Her eyes twinkled with delight as the small kits gathered around her. She was a legend in the rabbit community. Tonight the rabbits were safe and warm in their underground burrows. There was just enough time for the young rabbits to hear a story before bedtime. She hoped they would learn from her life story as a oncecaged pet who now lived free.

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Hide and Seek - Hide and Seek - Img1

VIRTUES: Courage Patience Respect Wisdom

The countdown for hide and seek had begun and the foxes were at play in Fire Fall Woods. Now it was time for Fran to find the perfect hiding place. In her rush to hide, she hadn’t checked for other animal scents. This area of the woods had been marked by gray wolves. Wolfgang, a lone gray wolf, was hunting and stopped when he caught Fran’s scent.

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Holiday Party - Holiday Party - Img1

VIRTUES: Courtesy Goodwill Leadership Love Peace Tolerance

Martha, a wise mother mouse, made all the plans for the holiday party. If Farmer John knew the mice had gathered for a party in his barn, he didn’t let on. Now it was time for the mice to sing, dance, and tell stories. What a great holiday party!

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Home Sweet Home - Home Sweet Home - Img1

VIRTUES: Compassion Concern Determination Diligence Leadership Perseverance Thriftiness Will Wisdom

Baxter knew it was time to look over his house. He started at the top and worked down to the bottom of his lodge. Soon the cold winter would cover the beaver pond with snow and ice. Most of the beavers worked long and hard on their homes while others played. Everyone waited to see what would happen to the playful beavers when winter arrived.

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Honey Land - Honey Land - Img1

VIRTUES: Compassion Goodwill Leadership Peace Wisdom

Two young bears had played all day and were so tired. At bedtime they wanted to hear their favorite story about a magical place called Honey Land. Mama Bear opened their favorite book to read to Betsy and Buddy. They curled up close beside her and listened to her read. The story transported them to a magical land just for bears. The cubs couldn’t dream of a more perfect place.

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Leap of Faith - Leap of Faith - Img3

VIRTUES: Courage Determination Perseverance Pride Resolution Trust Wisdom

Aerial was the first to hatch. She was always first at everything. Ernie tried to keep up with her but he always came in second. He worried he might never be as good as his sister. Their home was a sea eagle nest on a mountain top high in the sky. They came from a family of great flyers, but Ernie was afraid to fly. Fortunately, his mother gave him some much needed advice.

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Lost and Found - Lost and Found - Img1

VIRTUES: Care Love Loyalty Patience

Everything had been just perfect until something unexpected happened. There was no way to foresee this sudden change. Things at Farmer John’s would never be the same after he adopted a kitten he named “Kelly.” She was so small he carried her home in the pocket of his shirt. Belle, his beagle, couldn’t believe her eyes when the kitten was placed in front of her. Belle knew instantly that Kelly would be far more trouble than she was worth.

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Mrs. Baker’s Apples - Mrs. Baker's Apples - Img1

VIRTUES: Care Determination Gratitude Thriftiness Will

Mrs. Baker was proud of her apples. Her apple pies won first place ribbons every year at the Fall Festival.  She was so upset to find some of her best apples were on the ground. Someone had taken only one bite out of each apple and wasted the rest. Now, she was determined to find the disrespectful culprit in her apple orchard.

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Paw Prints - Paw Prints - Img1

VIRTUES: Truth Wisdom

It had been a very long winter. It had been so cold that the bears had not been able to go outside and play. Now at last, they could leave their bear den and walk in the snow. Betsy wanted to walk to the river to go fishing. Betsy saw her brother, Buddy, in a deep sleep. Betsy took her paw and shook Buddy but he didn’t wake. He just rolled over and began to snore. She decided to go by herself but wasn’t prepared for what she found at the river.

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Snow Birds - Snow Birds - Img1

VIRTUES: Determination Diligence Perseverance Resolution Will

With springtime came the arrival of animals that migrated each year to Breakers Island. Sister ducks, Dana and Diana, were picked to fly over and check on the ponds. The other ducks were surprised to hear their report on Breakers Island. Not all the animals looked forward to the return of the “Snow Birds.”

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The Council of Animals - The Council of Animals - Img1

VIRTUES: Goodwill Honor Humility Peace Resolution Service Truth

Olivia, a barn owl in Fire Fall Woods, had worked hard to ensure the peace among the animals and people. Now it was time to vote for a new president for the Council of Animals. Mack went to Farmer John’s barn to talk with Haley about the election. Imagine the surprise of the beautiful horse when she learned what the other animals thought of her.

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The Frog King - The Frog King - Img1

VIRTUES: Courage Humility Love Wisdom

Aunt Lilly was known as a great storyteller. The young frogs always asked her to tell the same love story. It was about the day she met Fred. She had been interested in another handsome frog and didn’t know Fred. Suddenly, Lilly found herself in a very dangerous situation. The events of that day changed her mind and made her reconsider her choice.

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The Guardian - The Guardian - Img1

VIRTUES: Concern Resolution Service Trust

It was just another mild winter day on Breakers Island. The bay waters were quiet and the sky was clear. The peaceful afternoon was shattered by the sound of the loud alarm. OOO-WA! OOO-WA! OOO-WA! The people living in the village of Red Haven sprung into action. Breakers Island was no stranger to storms, but none were as deadly as the winter storms.

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The Island Messenger - The Island Messenger - Img1

VIRTUES: Pride Purpose Respect Service

Walter Morton, a retired newspaper editor, had heard a story about a small island in the Sugar Sea. He set out to find Breakers Island and discovered it had a strange beauty. The people were surprised when he made no plans to leave. Then, he adopted a happy dog he named Biltmore. They knew he would make Breakers Island his home when he hung a sign on his building. It read, “The Island Messenger.”

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The Princess - The Princess - Img1

VIRTUES: Diligence Purpose

Rose was a happy robin. She loved to eat, sing, and collect things. Like most robins, Rose had a very good memory of her hiding places. She liked to visit them to make sure all her treasures were safe. She had one item she especially loved because of the little girl who had once owned and lost it in the meadow. Now, it was Rose’s most valued possession.

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The Seafood Festival - The Seafood Festival - Img1

VIRTUES: Goodwill Honor Pride

Callie, a large white cat, watched fishermen hang the sea signal flags. She saw a large banner that read, “Seafood Festival.” Callie could also see long strings of firecrackers hanging on tree limbs. News of the Seafood Festival spread quickly through the village of Red Haven. All the people cheered and clapped for the fishermen. It didn’t matter if it was a good year or a bad year. They always worked hard and took pride in their work.

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The Striped Cat - The Striped Cat - Img1

VIRTUES: Cooperation Courage Friendship Prudence Tolerance

Sara was very beautiful. Her thick fur was black and white. Like all skunks, her fur was striped. Sara didn’t know that she would soon be joined by another animal. Oliver, the opossum, had never met a skunk. Suddenly, the two strangers were forced to work together when faced with danger. They would have to trust each other to survive.

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Twilight Flight - Twilight Flight - Img1

VIRTUES: Concern Leadership Tolerance

It was twilight and the sound of waking bats filled the cave. It was time to hunt for food and water. All at once, hundreds of bats took flight. The night air filled with the sound of their wings as they spread out in all directions. Some people thought the bats were a sign of good fortune and happiness. Others believed scary old stories and were afraid of bats. The bats thought that people would like them if they knew them better.

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Welcome to Breakers Island - Welcome to Breakers Island - Img1

VIRTUES: Courtesy Truth

Mack was a stranger in a magical and beautiful place. The journey for the small brown mouse to Breakers Island had been difficult across the Sugar Sea. Imagine his pleasant surprise when he found a knowledgeable guide waiting to meet him at the dock. Now, he prepared to look for a new home with no idea of the challenges and adventures awaiting him.

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Whale Tales - Whale Tales - Img1

VIRTUES: Cooperation Honor Respect Truth Wisdom

A pod of beautiful whales was making their annual migration trek by Breakers Island. Cody, a very curious calf, always wanted to know more. He loved to listen to his grandfather’s stories. His grandfather was a wise old whale and he would tell Cody about animals that lived in the sea. There were stories about people, boats, and faraway lands. The whales are dearly loved by the people who were delighted to see their return in the Sugar Sea.

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Win or Lose - Win or Lose - Img1

VIRTUES: Compassion Courage Friendship Loyalty

The rabbit races were going well. No one could understand why Bobby always picked George to be on his team. George tried his best, but he usually came in last. They had been friends since they were young bunnies. When it mattered most, George had stayed to help Bobby instead of running to save himself.

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