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JULY 1, 2021


Summertime on Breakers Island is warm and wonderful. People and animals are heading to refreshing waters for a break from the summer heat.  A variety of paw prints have been reported in the woods and meadows. Many games and activities have been planned for the children during their summer break from school. Come and enjoy fun, food, and music by the Sugar Sea. - Best Friends - Img2

Read and enjoy our JULY 2021 story:  “BEST FRIENDS

Virtues: Concern, Leadership, Prudence, Responsibility, Resolution

Breakers Island Sightings

Cougars at home on Winter Wind Mountain. - Best Friends - Img1

Cougar brothers at play at night. - Best Friends - Img3


Coming Soon – Summer 2021

  • July 2021
    “Best Friends”
  • August 2021
    “Seafood Festival”
  • September 2021
    “Mrs. Baker’s Apples”

NEWS NOW - The Island Messenger - Img2


  • Sand Castle Competition Announced
  • Swimming classes scheduled at the Summer Star River
  • Rare cougar paw prints spotted in the Secret Spring Meadow
  • Fireworks by the Sugar Sea on Sunday
  • The lighthouse Guardian watches for possible summer storms

STORIES BY SEASON - Honey Land - Img3
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