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JANUARY 1, 2021


Winter has come to Breakers Island. Some animals have left and migrated to their winter homes until warmer weather returns. Others can be seen leaving their paw prints in the snow as they explore the winter wonderland. Some are still deep in slumber in their mountain homes while some venture out to explore and play. - Paw Prints - Img1

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Virtues: Truth and Wisdom

Breakers Island Sightings

Animals meet at the Summer Star River. - Paw Prints - Img2

Animals are startled and run home for safety. - Paw Prints - Img3

NEWS NOW - The Island Messenger - Img2


  • The village of Red Haven celebrates the new year with fireworks
  • Snow blankets Breakers Island
  • Frightened deer seen racing into the woods
  • Bear paw prints spotted in Secret Spring Meadow
  • Mysterious monster reported in Summer Star River


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