Instructional Design

Welcome to Breakers Island!

The stories and learning activities of Breakers Island encompass the following elements designed to engage learners in FUNdamental learning experiences.

The digital format provides the best of both worlds – the use of technology combined with interactive learning through printed materials and engaging activities. - Devices with Child

The stories are adaptable to a variety of screens – phones, tablets, computers, and televisions (only WiFi and a Browser are needed). We bring stories and activities where children love to play.

All support materials, developed for Breakers Island, are correlated specifically for each story.

Storybook Design

The short stories are focused on values and virtues. Thirty stories are currently available, with additional stories under development. - Stories Screen Shots

  • Reading level and story content are age appropriate, ideally suited for young learners, pre-school through 3rd grade. For younger learners, it is interactive, modeled reading with an adult/parent and child; for older children, it is easy, independent reading practice.
  • Vocabulary development is emphasized, with sight words and word lists by grade level (identified in the activity pages under Treasure Chest of Words).
  • Readability generally falls between the grade levels of 2.5 through 4.0.
  • Characters face a variety of challenges with actions and consequences.
  • Hands-on support materials, specific to each story, are provided to reinforce learning and vocabulary, including printable PDFs for coloring pages, easy crossword puzzles, and word search pages.
  • Beautiful illustrations assist with comprehension, storytelling, and discussion.
  • Descriptive language gives life to the animals and their natural habitats in the sea, ponds, and rivers; farms and orchards; meadows; woods; mountains; and the village of Red Haven.
  • Stories feature the four seasons that easily link to traditional U.S. holidays.
  • Seasons and weather conditions, including storms, are described in detail.
  • Natural science facts about the animals are a focus, since they usually are the main characters.
  • Descriptive sounds of the animals support reading, using expressive language through tone of voice and facial/body actions.

Learning Activity Book Design

Learners will enjoy family and inter-generational activities that provide specific age-appropriate word instruction and language development, age-appropriate behavioral/social development, fun arts & crafts ideas, involvement tips, follow-up and real-life activities specific to the theme of the story.

The companion book provides supporting activities and tips, specifically written for each story, and offers a myriad of real-life learning experiences: - Activites Screen Shots

  • Fun, easy-to-use guide.
  • All learning activity pages specifically correlated with each story.
  • Discovery and understanding of virtues, values and cultural differences.
  • Real-life situations for critical thinking and problem-solving solutions.
  • The activity pages contain 5 inspiring sections:
    • Imagine – Story Focus, Virtues, Life Lessons
    • Magical Moments – Reading Techniques (suggestions for modeled and expressive reading), Behavior/Social Development, and Language Development discussion suggestions.
    • Making Memories – Arts & Crafts and Game Activity ideas to reinforce
    • Lasting Impressions – Follow-up Activities, Real-Life Activities
    • Treasure Chest of Words – Animal/Character Names, Contractions, Expressions, Idioms, Sayings, Natural Science (Animal Group Names), Sight Words by level (Pre-primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Nouns)

We hope you enjoy your visit to Breakers Island.

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