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Holiday Party

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There was a light snow on the ground on Breakers Island.

“The children want to know if they are going to see Santa Claus,” said Mary, a pretty white mouse.

“You must keep the pups quiet. We don’t want Farmer John to hear you in the back of his wagon. We will be at the farm soon,” said Shelley, the spider.

If Farmer John knew the mice from the village of Red Haven were in his wagon, he did not let on. The horse pulled the wagon up to the barn door.

Shelley said, “We are here. I hope you have a good time at the Holiday Party.”

The mice came out from under the green blanket.  They ran down the wagon wheel to the ground and into the warm barn.

The mice of Fire Fall Woods were also making plans to go to the holiday party.  The wood mice asked Mack, “Which way is the best for us?”

BreakersIsland.com - Holiday Party - Img1

Mack said, “First, we will run from the woods to the meadow.  We will find the meadow mice and run to the fields.  Then we will find the field mice. Once we get all the mice together, we will go to the barn at Farmer John’s.  Tell everyone to keep up. It is a long way so we have to make good time.”

Not all the wood mice could make the long trip. For some it was just too far.  One grandfather mouse said, “We will want to hear all about the Holiday Party when you get back home.”

The wood mice were excited to start their trip. The Holiday Party was a great tradition.  Each year the mice on Breakers Island met at Farmer John’s.  The barn on his farm was a perfect place for the mice to get together.

Long ago the mice and cat had made peace with each other.  The mice would not make their nests in Farmer John’s house.  They would only live in the barn and in the fields. Kelly, the cat, lived in the house with Farmer John and Belle, the dog. Shelley, the spider, made her web up in the attic.

Martha was a wise mother mouse who made all the plans for the Holiday Party.  She would write a letter to invite all the mice.  Then Martha would work with Shelley to get the village mice a ride on Farmer John’s wagon to the farm.

Martha was running all over the nest in the barn loft.  She went up and down the stairs.  She said, “It is time for them to be here. There is so much to do! Where is my ‘To Do’ list?”

Father Mouse said calmly, “The list is in your apron pocket.”

She said, “I can’t do this all by myself. Will you please help me?”

He said, “Yes, and I will put the toys under the tree.  Then I will take the baby mice to the nursery.

Martha said, “Thank you. Please put out the bread, cheese, and apple juice.”

BreakersIsland.com - Holiday Party - Img2She read her paper and put a blue check mark by the things that were done:

  1. Tables and Chairs ✓
  2. Cheese and Bread ✓
  3. Bells and Balls ✓
  4. Clean Hay ✓
  5. Truce with Kelly ✓
  6. Apple Juice ✓
  7. Toys under the Tree ✓
  8. Baby Mice to Bed ✓

Martha went to the barn door to welcome all the mice.  In no time the barn loft was full of mice.  They were so happy to see each other again. Now it was time to sing, dance, and tell stories.

BreakersIsland.com - Holiday Party - Img3What a party!  The barn animals paid no attention to the sounds coming from the loft.  Kelly sat in the corner of the barn where she could keep an eye on the mice.  She thought, “I can’t believe there are so many mice on this island!”

The mice were happy for their time together.  They gave thanks for a holiday of joy and peace.  Uncle Mel was so happy he gave Kelly a chunk of cheese and said, “Here’s to your good health!”

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We will want to hear all about the Holiday Party when you get back.